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Arrow left by Drawn-MarioHow many characters can I have?
In the beginning, you can only make one. Later perhaps several.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioWhere is everyone living?
You can decide for yourself. For example, it could be in a flat share with colleagues, at home with your parents or alone. But remember, you must live in France, and you should live near the Cafè.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAre there any events?
If we have enough participants, we can start an event. We have many ideas already!
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDo I have to take part in every event?
You don't need to take part in every event. It is preferred that you join a few though.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioWhen is this group open?
That's a good question. I think the group is open once a year, so the small Cafè gets new employees every year.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDo I have to make a reservation to join?
Would be good. So that we can schedule you at the next opening.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIs there an age limit for our characters?
Yes, definitely. Your character should be between 15 and 25.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCan I commission an artist to draw my character for the application?
Yes. You can either draw or commission somebody. Just remember, if you have given a commission, the author to credits.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIf my character has to wear only the uniform at work?
Definitely. What your character wear in his spare time does not matter, but he/she has to wear work clothes in the cafe!

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