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Café de la Grâce

A small cafè at the Eiffel Tower.
One might think that it is like any other, but it is not so.

The servants are all special young people. Each of them was born with a special genetic defect, which resulted in the birth of animal traits. The cafè is known for this!

"In the world of human, we are nothing but scum" 

The small Cafè is therefore welcome to you♥

The Cafè is lead by two young girls who also have Kemonimini features. They will take in any person with this genetic defect to their cafe. They manage the cafe and are willing to help! They offer support for those insecure with their genetic trait.

Most people in this world are human, the only people with animal features are from a genetic defect. It is considered rare and unusual; therefore those with the defect are more like outcasts. The defects range from traits of all types of animals. There are even hybrids of animals, for example having bunny and cat traits by having bunny ears and a cat tail. The Cafe embraces their animal defects! They are very well known for hiring only people who have these defects and being extremely supportive of them.

It is not uncommon for someone to visit France just to see the cafe. Many people with animal traits move there to be closer to people like themselves.
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February 5


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